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Lehenga is secured at the waist and flares round the person wearing it. There is respect for tradition but at the same time people want to incorporate contemporary elements," said Partha Sarathi Barbora, principal, Sualkuchi Institute of Fashion Technology.

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Sometimes a woven pattern, called the pari, is stitched along the sides of a chador, or along the bottom of a mekhela. The Mekhala chadar resembles a sari but is yet not a sari. It is on Wikipedia. Saree is the most versatile dress that exists in this world. Chronicles of the Future Foretold With experimental Fashion Designers like Vaishali Shadangule bringing out the Mekhela Chadors out of the North-East and bringing it to the fashion capital of Mumbai, giving it a contemporary look and feel, the future indeed seems quite bright for this traditional attire from the Indian state of Assam.

The dress gained popularity for its comfort and consists of two pieces, viz: There are only a few Indian women who never tried a Saree.


The bottom portion, draped from the waist downwards, is called the mekhela Assamese: The Muga Silk golden and the Pat Silk Silvery are heading the global market for its quality, originality, luxury, anticuario online dating comfort.

If you have none, well, I am still there. There are a number of sensual Bollywood Movie Songs, which are shot in Saree, just to keep the audience spellbound over the magical movements of the actress.

Saree It is a single piece of clothing, a few yards in length, made of light materials, which is draped around the body in different styles. There your Dream Comes True.

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Muga servers as the material base for the traditional costume called Mekhala chadar. Buy designer mekhela chador online dating main hub of these Mekhela Chadors is a tiny town called Sualkuchi, situated at just 35 kilometers from the city of Guwahati.

These are long, loose fitting, collarless shirts or tunics which originally extends up to or above the knee level. The clothing is divided in to two unequal halves, one wrapped around the waist over a petticoat like a skirt and the other we called it as Aanchal is draped over the shoulder over a blouse.

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The first one is the white one for marriage, the second is colour-based and the third is the contrast set worn at the reception," said M Kalita of Assam Silk House.

There are three apparel sets for brides. Listed all leading companies or business can meet your demand for wholesale price mekhela chadar surat gujarat. May be, I got a tendency to outshine in a formal or informal gathering with my look and getup I am not that beautiful, though I consider my mind to be.

Unlike the Pavadai Davanithe chador is tucked in triangular folds.

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However, the Lakme Fashion Week LFW Summer Resort saw Fashion Designer Vaishali Shadangule re-invent this traditional Assamese attire and give it a more contemporary look and feel in the form of evening dresseskurtas, and pants. They can easily be hand washed and are known to gain luster with every subsequent wash.

Designers started their experiments of these fabrics in Saree, which were wholeheartedly accepted by the Indian consumers inspiring them to experiment with different garments. You can wear a Mekhela Chador at home while doing various household chores or you may choose to wear its more recent and fancied versions to a wedding and any other special function.

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Textile directory is right selection for sourcing high quality products in bulk dealing for ethnic weargujarat india. The upper part is like a torso, tight up to the rib-cage and flares like a frock downwards. As the present day people are spending a lot for pleasure, beauty, and comfort; as the consumer durable are more readily available with a click of the mouse from anywhere in the world, designers are taking the risk of experimenting their way to success.

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From around the web. Prominently contrasting colours are being used in the traditional attire, a two-piece set, giving the mekhela-chador a brighter look. It is a single piece of cloth about 3 to 3.

It is the bottom piece draped over a petticoat at the waist downwards. If you have the habit of wearing Jeans, just try one of these colorful attire.

Mekhela chador

It is completely different from a Sari and is in fact very much similar to traditional attires of other South-East Asian nations.

These Mekhela Chadors are the ones that are being made by using the Muga Silk and are believed to be so durable that they often outlive their owners. Mekhela Chador Mekhela Chador also spelled as Mekhela Chaddar, Mekhla Chadar, Mekhlo Chadoris type of Saree comprising two pieces of cloth, draped on the top and bottom, which is the traditional attire worn by the women of Assam.

Sadowris a long length of cloth that has one end tucked into the upper portion of the mekhela and the rest draped over and around the rest of the body.

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It is a traditional dress worn by both man and woman in most of the Asian Countries. Various mekhala chadar designs in reasonable prices can add a real flair to your personality.

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Accessorizing The Mekhela Chador can easily be accessorized with necklaces consisting of big, colorful pearls, earrings of medium size and large silver bangles which not only enhances the beauty of the wearer but also adds grace to their personality.