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It was part of a clinical trial for research. Susan from Monterey, CA Susan had a shooting accident three years ago, resulting in loss of hearing.

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The size of her thighs dating in nairn gbs the same. She was encouraged to keep her eyes on God and not dwell on the past.

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Doris from Redding, CA Two years ago, Doris was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both of her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut to try to keep from crying. He was walking without a limp and with a smile on his face!

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December 16, Patti from Redding, CA Patti had a wisdom tooth pulled a month ago and afterwards got a bad infection.

The team later prayed for her legs again, and her left leg grew again.

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When the hour of darkness comes And time itself stands still When voices from the future Seem to come and go at will I will be your servant Your ever constant guide When all is lost remember me At rest here by your side. A woman on the ministry team began to pray for her bones in German, and she could feel her jaw loosen and the pain leave, though at the time she did not know what they were praying for.

He turned and sneered at her. And he could feel touch on both legs all the way to just below his knees! She also had her eyes sealed shut. She also had pain in the rhomboid muscles in the cervical area of her spine and upper back, which may have been caused by stress.


When Marlon was playing basketball two years ago, he went up for a layup and someone pushed him. While at the dentist, they said the infection was gone. It had been bothering him in flare ups for two weeks. The prayer minister had words of knowledge for those two things.

After prayer her pain decreased significantly and the range of motion in her shoulder increased. Since the accident, she has been in excruciating pain and has had to wear an air cast at all times.

Her heart was also enlarged because of 30 years of high blood pressure. June 23, Maria from Albany, OR Maria has had a lump in her calf for a year and a half that suddenly appeared one day.

He did and everything popped into place and all pain left. It was like someone was pressing her into the pavement. Then, they prayed again, and Linda went down again.

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He also had minimal sensation in his lower legs because of neuropathy. She could never get up by herself without grabbing onto something or someone. It is a condition she had her whole life; she felt that way every year in the summer. As a result, he felt tightness in his ankle and could not put any weight on it without extreme pain.

Jonathan from Norwalk, OH Jonathan was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease, experiencing pain in his left knee for the last eight years. At that point, everywhere she walked, she could feel her body begin to pop back into place.

She felt that her breathing was much deeper than it had been for months, and she could no longer feel a murmur in her heartbeat. He had no sensation at all in his legs. The disease had affected all of her voluntary muscles. She normally could not eat or drink anything without level 10 pain and discomfort, to the point that she was afraid to eat.


Then the little girls wanted to dance over her, so they went into the hall for more space. And she deserved it, she decided. She felt a burning heat throughout her body.

They put in three stents and said there was substantial damage. She had been nearly deaf in her right ear and had worn a hearing aid for many years. Samuel from Korea A ministry team member woke up this morning with a toothache, which then grew into jaw pain. She also began to experience difficulty when breathing, feeling like she was suffocating because her lungs had filled with fluid.

Her mother had pain in her feet, shoulder, and back.

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Then the pain went to 0 in one shoulder and 1. Ten years ago her meniscus tore in pieces. Someone snickered and another person yelled. There was only minor discomfort from the bandages rubbing against the abrasions on his leg.

It is called stump neuroma, and the nerve grew back and sprouted other nerves.

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As soon as he received prayer, he fell under the presence. After receiving prayer, his ear opened up, and he was able to hear again.

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Treat me kindly dear blue angel Deepest colour of the night Be merciful, be gentle. She also has stiffness in her upper back that was released a bit. Her doctor said her optic nerve was weak and suggested she had glaucoma.

While in the hallway, she felt heat radiating in and through her stomach. At the time of prayer, she did not notice a significant change. She had not noticed a difference when she was here, but when she got home, she started walking differently and noticed that it felt strange because her hip had been healed, and she was walking with proper form and could also ride her bike with no pain.

After prayer, the pain completely went away. Normally when she served in the Healing Rooms she would have headaches and pain for a week afterwards from standing all morning.

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After taking care of that annoyance, she had gotten dressed, taking into account her new rules. In a former visit, she came in with problems with an autoimmune disease, which she had for 20 years and experienced a vision of Jesus taking the disease, and she has had no symptoms since then.

She grit her teeth. As she took a breath, it felt like the skin opened in her nostrils and she could breathe deeply.

Her pain level when she arrived at the Healing Rooms was He finally went to Sweden to see a specialist. She had not seen a doctor about it before so there was no information on what it was.

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The prayer team prayed several times, and each time, she noticed marked improvement until eventually the tremors completely stopped! He had been told that he had a bone spur in his neck 15 years ago. Whenever the team member got close, she would feel the electricity and if the team member backed away, it was gone, so Dina knew this was God.