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Of course I will. Later, Hank asks Bobby if he has any homework.


The concession manager at the Arlen Speedway Jimmy Wichardwho abuses Bobby and illegal drugs, possiblyeven ordering him to run across the track during a race to get him a drink. Joseph after he hit puberty: Apparently, the Japanese soldiers who tried to take down Cotton were afflicted with this, as all they were able to do was blow his shins off, when they really should have turned him into Swiss cheese.

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Hank has a lot, which includes: Hank got a few less facial wrinkles starting in Season 2, and his glasses shrunk down. Dale planned to collect bat guano to sell, so he, Bill and Boomhauer go into a cave.

Hank threatens and often invokes this literally to keep people in line.


Parodied in "Plastic White Female" as Hank is going through the bills: In fact, Hare Krishna airport evangelism was a staple joke in comedy films until most airports banned solicitation. At the beginning, Peggy says the only thing Bobby can see at night is Bill dancing with his mop through his window.

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He starts taking the classes seriously and passes after he sees someone else in the class rage himself into a heart attack, but when Dale, Bill and Boomhauer dig a tunnel under the street and are about to be run over by a garbage truck, Hank has an even worse rage outburst to get them to leave the tunnel.

When she gets invited to a book club by the former owner, they are reading a book called A Dinner of Onions.

Potential Pod Person, probable robot. John Redcorn, when he serves as frontman for a heavy metal band. Bill gets on this by being too much of an Innocently Insensitive person holding the Jerkass Ball. Dale seems to have a knack for putting together various words in the series.


Junie Harper, the antagonist-of-the-day in "Hilloween", tells Luanne that Halloween was created by druids, and later gets the holiday banned in Arlen by claiming separation of church and state. Especially when his friends are nearby.

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The results reveal that she has the same father as Joseph. As the Good Book Says In "Hilloween", Junie Harper cites Proverbs 1: In reality, Ontario lacks mountains. The first line in the series is the now-famous "Yep, yep, mm hmm, yep. Beat Them at Their Own Game: Being the paranoid nut he is, Dale almost immediately recognizes the bug, and decides to counter-bluff them.

Hank sees this, and cue Literal Ass-Kicking. The colors also became brighter and less washed out. There are no marshals or range masters anywhere to be seen. This should not be a strong enough alcohol to produce the effect, but oh, well. Dale and all of his gun club buddies are terrible shots.

Unfortunately, he does this in some of the saddest and most painful scenes in the series by acting like a total Jerkass towards Nancy. This scene has since been reinstated.

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Never denigrate propane or suggest that charcoal is superior for grilling. The episode features several other characters reading it as well and trying to figure it out. However, he has a tendency to stretch the truth with his war stories.

On one hand, the medication ends up giving him Hyper-Awarenesswhich borders on Super Senses. Later on, Peggy is mad at Hank and goes to the phone: She goes to host a "Hallelujah House", a Christian version of haunted houses which intends to convert by scaring patrons with images of Hell.

This is the only time it ever happens. At one point, an annoyed Hank asks Bobby if he has to be at school. Hank essentially runs Strickland Propane while Buck gets drunk in the office.