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In addition to water theme parks and resorts, there is also an ostrich farm which houses over ostriches. Adventurous couples can spice up their date by climbing together and get close to nature.

Lok Lok is a buffet of small snacks skewered on sticks which you can choose to have either grilled or deep fried. A quick search on the internet can even find countless blog posts trying to recreate mee rebus Johor style! Apart from the nostalgic atmosphere, the food served is good and the price is reasonably cheap!

Awesome hotels in Johor Bahru

One of the best experiences would be the firefly cruise which lasts approximately 40—50 minutes along the Johor river. In which case, keep an eye out for New Hong Kong Restaurant, just beside it. The park also has a restaurant, produce market and flower nursery. Portion sizes here are also generous and perfect for sharing.

Best Lunch Restaurants in Johor Bahru, Johor Bahru District

Sure, their filled buns especially the coconut ones are lovely and soft but what practically everyone comes for is a box of moist, packed-with-flavor banana cake. What you get is a satisfying crunch and a mix of sweet and salty flavours topped off with a mild chilli burn.

They have managed to perfect a method of flipping their dough to give it a ton of air pockets.

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Hence, when I moved out to Johor Bahru for a few years, getting to know its people was exactly what I set out to do!

Go check this out: It might sound a little odd dipping your banana fritters into a mixture of sweet soya and chilli but it works! Then sprinkle them with marshmallows, chocolate, corn flakes, fresh fruits, and other toppings to make it more eye-catching and delicious!

Greenet Restaurant & Bar

W Laksa House Laksa is a dish that always sparks heated discussion. Discover amazing places in Johor, make a stop, capture the stunning views, sing along to cool songs, have deep conversations, and try succulent food that Johor offers! More food options here: They use good quality durian and prepare everything by hand.

Sit down and help yourself to a bowl of crispy poppadum while the waitresses pass out banana leaves and pile on your rice and veggies.

Other Johor Cities:

Just look at the sweet and happy couple in the photo. You can use different colors for designing that also has different flavors: Hearty Malaysian favourites such as mee rebus, nasi lemak, mee siam and a variety of kuih can be found on display in the mornings while their famous locally brewed coffee is available all throughout the day.

For a list of locations and contact numbers click here. This is also one of very few Chinese restaurants in JB that is halal and frequented by Malays, Chinese and Indians, solidifying their reputation as one of the best assam curry fish heads in JB.

Close to the end of the road near the traffic lightturn left when you see a cluster of shop houses, you will find it there. Breathtaking scenery, a soothing ambience, crystal clear water and gentle sea breezes all make Pulau Rawa one of the very top island getaway destinations in Malaysia and a true hidden gem of Johor.

Getting there From the Malaysian Immigration, this place is a 7 minute walk away.

I can read minds. However, keep in mind that Johorean laksa is a completely different animal altogether.

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Look for a row of shops and veer towards the one with the Malaysian flag sticking out the front of the stall. Admire the enticing sceneries at the Forest City A man-made beach perfect for couples who are looking for a new spot to spend time together, relax, have deep conversations, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

12 Must-Visit Johor Bahru Food Places To Eat Like A Local

Not all cafes provide free wifi. Do note that not all promotions available are listed in their website, so you have to go down to check out their best deals yourself. However, the secret to their crunchy delights lies in their batter and also in their method which involves deep-frying each of their items twice.