Porsche Backdate: EB Motorsport Panels - Ferdinand Porsche Backdate: EB Motorsport Panels - Ferdinand

Backdating porsche 993 rsr, join the family

If only being proved wrong was always so enjoyable!

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Enough, the emphasis being on longevity and toughness than all-out power with Mikey suggesting something north of hp. The ultimate backdate are surely the US-based Singers; beautifully detailed creations that sell in small numbers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That and its licence eating potential saw it last just 18 months in his care before thoughts turned to a Turbo.

P.H. O'meter

Car originally converted from crashed SC Keyboard worrier Easy enough to be elitist from behind a keyboard. The engine starts from cold with ease, idles smoothly, and is an absolute screamer when revved out.

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The shell feels super stiff - the only additional reinforcement is a strut brace up front - and the complete lack of clonks, rattles, squeaks or sloppiness is a fine advert backdating porsche 993 rsr the skills of the team that built it.

The torque hits immediately and carries all the way through the revs like a thundering locomotive. Leather bolstered RSR-style bucket seats—strapped with Schroth four-point harnesses—feature tricolor omved online dating, white, and black houndstooth centers, as does the matching dash insert.

The original instruments are clean and fully functional. I have seen this car on many of these rallies and can certainly attest to its performance capabilities. The handling is mind-reading precise with excellent braking power.

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The gearbox has a tall 1st gear, stock 2nd, and a custom 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Checkout our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! This project started over 8-years ago.

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So steel RSR flares were carefully butt-welded to the body once it had been taken down to the bare metal. According to Rothsport Racing, this totals to HP. Some of this plastic surgery was more effective than others but, in most cases, the effect was spoiled somewhat when you hopped into the cockpit and were confronted by early-style seats and instruments — things that were harder and more expensive to update than the bodywork.

It goes without saying this car has been extensively modified, but done so with professional execution.

Porsche backdate for sale - Philip Raby's views on backdates

The car has never been involved in an accident and is free of rust. Pastiches of pastiches, if you like. Chassis-wise the car runs Turbo torsion bars and road spec Bilsteins in the original damper struts, Boxster brakes and inch Fuchs wheels with seven-inch tyres up front and eight-inch items at the rear.

The wheels are wrapped with sticky Michelin TB5 tyres. All the gauges function properly.

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They have that correct offset and spacing which give the car that perfect fit and look. Finally, a few years ago, it was sold to the current owner. Most builders would just use the stock body.

Upon purchase, the current owner had his long time friend Hayden of WEVO tune the suspension for street use as well as change the gear ratios of the gearbox to make the car friendlier for long drives.

Porsche 911 Backdate: EB Motorsport Panels

A true mix-and-match then but sympathetically done with due deference to maintaining a traditional look and feel. Has my stance on backdating changed? From wrecked SC Autofarm built the car into a 2.

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Most commonly, the desired outcome is to create a car that apes the look of the pre s, so out with the chunky bumpers and in with retro polished aluminium and chrome trim. For nigh-on six years and nearly 35, miles it was both his fun car and his daily driver into London before he chopped it in for a second-gen GT3, a move he regretted when he realised the friendliness shown to the old car in cut and thrust traffic was turned on its head in the GT3.

Autofarm Porsche 'backdate': Driven | PistonHeads

All of the original black trim pieces were replaced with the backdate era-appropriate polished embellishments. Once completed, the owner used the car for several years and many times as a daily driver to his office. For me, the combination of power, handling and ease of use easily outweighs any compromise in styling.

Today, the in-thing is to take a newer and make it look like a previous one.