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There are fifty five public middle schools, thirty five of which are general studies and twenty are geared to vocational instruction.

The canal had a number of pedestrian bridges over it, such as the La Garita. Inside, there is a silver leaf neil perry dating altar with a notable wood cross covered in silver and decorated with the image of the Passion of Christ and the date of Photo by William Henry Jackson.

There are fourteen vocational schools above the middle school level. Overall, the borough is the driest in the Federal District, with an annual rainfall of not over to mm per year. Starting indue to health concerns, the canal was closed to traffic and filled into become current major road, with the process completed in the s.

The main entrance is marked by a simple arch of sandstone which contains a seashell and supported by two pilasters. It accounts for 1.

In the middle of the 17th century, baptisms began to be recorded in the area, which then consisted of the main community and eight surrounding neighborhoods called barrios. The interior contains chandeliers, arches and a main altar that features a marine shell. There are thirteen private middle schools.

It contains boasts professional-level playing fields, swimming pools, running tracks and gyms.

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The installation of factories and housing developments changed Iztacalco from rural to completely urban in less than four decades. It included bands such as SkandaloMaskatesta and Los Korukos. Well over half the workforce is male but the percentage of women has been rising since The main portal contains the main entrance, which consist of a richly decorated arch and two columns.

Small canoes called trajineras carried cargo and passengers among the various docks on this canal.

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The canal also functioned as rural getaway for Mexico City dwellers, especially on Sundays. The interior is bright due to the many stained glass windows. Today, some of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city are located in this borough.

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There are public primary schools. The Ermita de la Cruz is on Calle Agricultures. It is only one level topped with a vaulted niche. This park has less than one hectare.

Canal de la Viga is now Calzada de la Viga.

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Inthere was land redistribution among the families of the area, consisting of hectares what belonged to three ranches. The interior contains a crucified Christ done in pea cane paste. The other large green space is the parkland around the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports Center, which has been reforested with eucalyptus trees.

As the canals were filled in, they were converted into the primary roadways which still remain today. The chapel was declared a historic monument in Inthe current borough was formed. It is of two levels with a number of trees and has a traditional kiosk in the center.

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Eleven percent is dedicated to industry. It was constructed by the Franciscans in the early 16th century and listed as a historic monument in Most of these lie along the Calzada de la Viga.

This was also true of a number of communities which are now part of the borough such as Mixiuhca, Zacatlalmanco, La Magdalena, Santa Ana and San Matias. On each side of the facade, there is a slim bell tower.

This barrio also contains a number of houses and other structures from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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The canals were filled with aquatic birds such as herons and a local species called chichicuilotes. It has a Salomonic main portal with vegetative designs.

Today, however, the lake in this area has dried completely and the canals, wetlands and lake of the territory have completely disappeared. The Foro Sol has also hosted major concerts.

Inthis event included two days of rock and ska music at the Faro Iztacalco. Most of this housing was for the working classes. Above this is a crest. There is one bell tower is Baroque.

This salt was consumed until the very early 20th century. To the left of the facade, there is a dome over a chapel area, which is decorated with human figures and other elements. Line 9, Line 1, Line 4 and Line 8. The average housing unit has 4.

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As the area was very sparsely populated, these monks did not establish satellite parishes, except for the San Antonio hermitage, built for the feast day of this saint.