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The plane, with people on board, was too low and too slow during the landing attempt. Seven seconds before impact, one pilot called for an increase in speed.

The wreckage was removed to its secure storage location at San Francisco International Airport.

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One of the pilots carried out a passenger with an injured leg. The first escape slide blocked one of the exits and almost suffocated a flight attendant. We are the advocate for the traveling public. Flight attendants told NTSB investigators that there was no fire inside the cabin when the evacuation began.

Asiana said the plane should have been designed so that the auto throttle would maintain the proper speed after the pilot put it in "hold mode". Crew[ edit ] The aircrew consisted of three captains and one first officer.

It trapped a second flight attendant until a co-pilot deflated it with a dinner knife. Thirty of the students and teachers were from Shanxiand the others were from Zhejiang.

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One of the pilots burst it with an axe from the cockpit. Lack of compliance with standard operating procedures and crew resource management were cited as additional factors. She asiana airlines flight 214 simulation dating both pilots at the controls had ample rest before they left South Korea and during the flight when they were relieved by the backup crew.

She was a hero. Insufficient flight crew monitoring of airspeed indications during the approach likely resulted from expectancy, increased workload, fatigue, and automation reliance.

Share smotret film krasavchik online dating Email This article is over 4 years old Asiana flight struck a seawall just short of the runway, which sent the plane spinning and skidding, after which a fire broke out.

All of these statements were made as they were on the approach to San Francisco. One of the pilots put it out. The South Korea-based airline said the pilot and co-pilot reasonably believed the automatic throttle would keep the plane flying fast enough to land safely, when in fact the auto throttle was effectively shut off after the pilot idled it to correct an unexplained climb earlier in the landing.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214

Asiana urged the safety board to recommend that the aircraft maker be required to include an audible warning to alert pilots when the throttle changes to a setting in which it no longer is maintaining speed. One of the hallmarks of the NTSB is our transparency.

A preliminary review of FAA radar return data did not show an abnormally steep descent curve, [28] [81] [82] although the crew did recognize that they began high on the final approach. One flight attendant said that many Chinese passengers who sat at the back of the plane near the third exit were not aware of the evacuation.

Captain Lee Kang Kuk, 45, a veteran pilot who was new to thewas flying the plane. The pilots flying when the plane crashed were Lee Jeong-min, who has flown for 12, hours 3, with the and Lee Kang-kook, who has flown for 9, hours, according to the South Korean transport ministry.

Lee Kang-kook only had 43 hours of experience with the before the crash. Cockpit culture in which the senior captain is viewed as supreme was identified as a factor in several South Korean airliner crashes in the s and 90s.

The five-member board is scheduled vote on the probable cause of the Asiana crash, the only fatal passenger airline accident in the US in the last five years.

The speedbrake lever was down, showing it was not being used. Cabin manager Lee Yoon-hye was last off the burning plane.

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The other six returned to South Korea. Afterward, procedures and hierarchies were overhauled in Korea and elsewhere, including the US.

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Both of them were Chinese and 16 years old. However, he had landed at San Francisco before in a Boeing Three experienced pilots were in the cockpit on 6 July Just after the crash, the pilots told the flight crew not to evacuate the passengers. Between and feet, the instructor pilot also reported a lateral deviation which they attempted to correct.

The aircraft made a fairly drastic-looking pull up in the last few feet and it appeared and sounded as if they had applied maximum thrust.

The second went towards the middle of the aircraft, where there was a fire.

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The NTSB determined that the flight crew mismanaged the initial approach and that the airplane was well above the desired glidepath.

When the shattered plane came to rest, a fire erupted. The aircraft then descended below the desired glidepath with the crew unaware of the decreasing airspeed.

They had been cleared for a visual approach and they were hand-flying the airplane," adding: The tail cone and empennage of the impacted the bulkhead seawall and departed the airplane and the main landing gear sheared off instantly.

Despite the violence of the crash, only three people were killed — Chinese teens seated in the back who may not have been wearing their seatbelts and were thrown from the plane. Less than 12 hours after the crash, the NTSB released a photo showing investigators conducting their first site assessment.

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It trapped another flight attendant, but a pilot burst it with a knife.