Ariana Grande defends her and Justin Bieber's quick engagements | Daily Mail Online Ariana Grande defends her and Justin Bieber's quick engagements | Daily Mail Online

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Advertisement Jai Brooks, Dated for About Two Years This relationship was quite possibly one of these most tumultuous pairings that young Ari would ever experience in her life.

She was allegedly cheating on him with singer Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. I hope to god it happens to you too.

Ariana Grande defends her and Justin Bieber's quick engagements

They confirmed their relationship in late May with a Harry Potter themed Instagram post. Out with her beau: It was then that they decided to officially start dating and kept it strong for a whopping five years!

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Ariana posted a snap of The Biebs coyly giving her a kiss on the cheek, and that sparked rumors that they were romantically involved. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged on Saturday night according to reports Sticking up for her manager: They made such great music together that fans were really shipping them hard!

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This was a couple people wanted to see get together! Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande Credits: Soon after, Pete got two tattoos in honor of his fiancee - AG and also a black bunny mask. This marked the beginning of their two-year on-and-off again rollercoaster ride of a relationship.

The year-old singer spent the evening before with her beau as the two enjoyed a date night in Staten Island - where the comedian grew up. To say that Ariana Grande has had a lot of high and low-profile relationships over the past few years is a massive understatement.

Ariana and Pete dated for a few weeks before getting engaged last month Sharing: June 30, at However, they could have been dating longer and just kept it under wraps. Check out the clip below. Graham Phillips amd Ariana Grande Credits: Scooter Braun manages both Ariana and Justin Bieber, who was discovered by Braun inreportedly proposed to girlfriend Hailey at their Bahamas resort on Saturday night.

Arianators practically attacked him all over Twitter in support of their beloved singer!

Unfortunately, they split up later that year, citing that their schedules were just too conflicting and hectic. Getty Images At first, they were just friends, but after working together very closely for long stints of time and sharing those passionate on-stage kisses, it was clear sparks were there.

On Saturday night, Ariana headed to a date night with Davidson in Staten Island, where the comedian grew up Love love: Ariana also got a tattoo in honor of his late father, who died during the September 11, terrorist attacks in New York City. Since the singer will soon change her pronoun from Miss to Mrs.

The year-old pop superstar got together with singer and YouTube sensation, Jai Brooks back in But both parties strongly denied it.

Tina Giordanella - Published: The year-old singer spent the evening before with her beau, Pete Davidson, 24, as the two enjoyed a date night in Staten Island Date night: The couple were confirmed to be dating in May and announced their engagement just a few short weeks later.

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The Bang Bang singer shared a variety of clips from the excursion, including one captioned: Since her days of being a seemingly innocent Nickelodeon star, Grande has been romantically linked to some of the biggest names in music, including Mac Miller, Big Sean, and even Justin Bieber—although that last one appears to be mostly speculation.

The couple then headed back to their new Manhattan apartment to hang out with friends Cute: To this day, those rumors have never been corroborated and both Grande and The Biebs insist that they are just close friends and have never been anything more than that.

In the beginning, this relationship was speculated to simply be a rumor because of the fact that both Grande and Davidson had just gotten out of other relationships just a few days before announcing that they were dating. And that Scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost [about] our health and happiness?

There was one picture in particular that truly convinced fans that the current reigning king and queen of pop were an item. Unfortunately, their wishes never came to fruition, but Grande and Jogia did remain very good friends. They officially started dating in August and went strong until their eventual heartbreaking breakup in May Advertisement Pete Davidson appeared on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to discuss his sudden proposal, and he was a coy and hilarious as usual.

However, they shared an incredibly passionate and convincing onscreen kiss during one episode of the show entitled A Film by Dale Squires that it had their fans begging for more action between these two! Of course, Brooks also reportedly played a hand in the demise of their relationship when he apparently failed to comfort Grande after the passing of her grandfather.

The two met in when they were both starring in the Broadway musical production of