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For more information, log onto http: DNF Randy Martin, [25]; The top-five wrapped up with Jonathan Cornell.

Lorne Wofford made up four spots to finish eighth with Billy Chester making the top-five. DNF 4-Evan Martin, [25]; Action continues Sunday, September 2 with gates opening at 5: Taking full advantage, Caleb led flag-to-flag despite a caution on the white flag lap for Cody Stacy that planted the No.

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Skylar Gee 3,; 8. With four lapped cars running between Swindell and Hagar, the battle was working through the field as Brian Brown began rallying through the lineup with Seth Bergman in tow.

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Having to settle for second, Doughty was able to hold off Channin Tankersley on the final restart. Taking over the runner-up spot on Lap 21, Derek Hagar made up very little ground on Swindell before the checkered flag flew.

Derek Hagar held on for runner-up honors with Brian Brown rolling to third from eighth.

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American Sprint Car Series: Chris Martin 2,; Leaving Tyler Thomas by a half straightaway, the driver of the No. Seth Bergman in fourth made up more ground in the chase for the championship with the Corridor Electric No.

Rick Ziehl crossed sixth with Casey Buckman seventh. Travis Rilat 2,; Tyler Thomas 1; Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

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DNF Miles Paulus, [16]; Blake Hahn 3,; 4. Seth Bergman 3,; 3.

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Travis Rilat 3,; Restarting with a gaggle of lapped cars in the mix, Hagar picked off half the slower crowd before the caution flew again on Lap 31 for Kyle Bellm.

Slated to start sixth, Martin got a break as two false starts advanced the No. Dashing around the No. Reverting to Lap 6, Swindell took over as the lead and quickly ran away from the race for second. Wayne Johnson 3,; 5. Tickets for the three-night affair are on sale at http: Sunday, September 2, Heat 1 8 Laps: September 2, For the third time in his career, J.

Alex Hill 2,; Jamie Ball 2,; Saturday, September 1, Car Count: Jamie Ball 3,; Also having to contend with the myriad of lapped traffic, Brown had the wing in the truck as he closed on Hagar with less than five laps to go.

Heat Races were also sponsored by Searsboro Telephone, Co.

Scott Bogucki 3,; 9. I was just trying to save the car and save the tires as long as I could, and when we got to 10 go, I just let it eat. Nearly getting tipped on the opening lap, Sam Hafertepe, Jr fell back to nearly 15th before rallying back to sixth in the Hills racing No.

Harli White 2,;