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A hospital, orphanage and a tertiary institution It also serves as an additional venue where they can discuss some Church matters with the brethren.

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On the other hand, the ADD group is so modest, likened during the times of Jesus Christ holding their meetings and church activities in humble edifices and rented places, or even in the streets. Aside from the chance to meet brethren from afar face-to-face, the International Thanksgiving also allows more time for studying spiritual topics and consultations with MCGI Overall Servants.

Then, a pre-recorded video of their presentation is played on the screen for all to view and sing-along to.

Gatherings and Church Services

The Locale and Coordinating Center The Locale in the communities outside of Apalit, Pampanga, is where brethren meet weekly to attend different Church services, as well as host Indoctrination sessions.

Eli questions about the Church or about the biblical topic. Members then ang dating daan convention center apalit mayor to a topic prepared and delivered by Bro. Registry of Deeds Province got 2 find love versuri romana say Pampanga San Fernando Branch On the basis of documents furnished us, the land subject of this appraisal consists of eighteen 18 contiguous lots containing an aggregate area of 90, sq.

Daniel Razon and the concluding part by Bro.

ADD Convention Center

A greeting of brotherly love where a Christian can even send his Holy Kiss to a fellow Christian, beyond borders and worldwide.

After the prayer is a Bible-reading segment Deuteronomy Weekly, this is where believers get baptized and congregants give thanks to God. Eli Soriano via live video streaming.

Daniel provide biblically-based answers to members who will come forward to ask questions. Holy Supper The INC celebrates their Holy Supper in the morning, whereas, ADD celebrates theirs in the evening, as to what the word supper connotes which should be after dusk or after sunset or end of the day and as what the Scriptures dictates Treatment for Non-members The INC believes that non-members of their church are already destined or bound to go to hell.

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Attendees listen to a recorded audio of the verses that are being read as the verses are displayed on television screens. It is the place where they hold Thanksgiving to God, various activities and very important events in their congregation. Characters of members In the INC, once a person becomes a member, they stop being merciful, instead their characters are worsened, becomes more proud, cruel and unsympathetic.


Not all problems however are spiritual, so some take this segment of the Thanksgiving program to seek help with their physical ailments. Added to the previous service obtaining inMCGI started with the Book of Genesis to initiate bible-reading sessions.

The regular Thanksgiving falls on a Saturday in the Philippines. The first service begins at sunset.

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Even more, the MCGI headquarters get filled to the brim as members from the Visayas and Mindanao Islands travel by boat and by plane to reach it. Doctors are on standby during such moments, when brethren consult what best to do with their health.


It expanded inadding more parking spaces and more area for the church members. Brethren can attend at a locale near them to view the recorded proceedings, including the singing and consultation segments of the program.

From doubts on biblical verses to personal struggles, Bro. Like in other Church gatherings, guests are welcome to attend. During International Thanksgivings, the Chapel also serves as an extension of the Convention in welcoming its countless attendees. The Prayer Meeting is done on Wednesdays and Thursdays at different schedules in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Last edited on January 29, Services. The topic is delivered in portions and is continued in the following Prayer Meeting.

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On the day of their Thanksgiving, they make a video call to the Philippines to state their reasons for giving thanks. Notwithstanding, the fact that the religion coming from darkness was also given birth here, in order to strengthen and fortify the similarity of occurrences and events that has already happened during the times of Adam and Eve and also the times of Moses, where both good and evil dwells in one place as well, where evil tries to devour the good men, but still frustratingly ended up grinding its teeth because they cannot thrive.

As King David did in Old Israel, celebrants express their reasons for giving thanks to God before the congregation Psalms Diliman means in English as dark place or place of darkness.

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Home of major Church events like the quarterly International Thanksgiving or the Pasalamat ng Katawan where it accommodates tens of thousands of people. Soriano and the Vice-Presiding Minister is Bro.

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