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Once you are covered, you will not have to pay the cost of non- emergency ambulance transport: Why are we now charging for interstate cover? When will these changes take place? What if my renewal is due after November 1 but I want to process it before 1 November? Each jurisdiction in Australia operates a different fee structure and funding model.

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Dependants for the purpose of being covered by Ambulance cover in respect of a subscriber includes the following: You will not be covered for any services provided by an ambulance service of another jurisdiction within Australia or overseas. What are the benefits? Proof of guardianship may be requested.

Ambulance costs are not covered by Medicare and even if you have private health insurance, your policy may not cover the cost of an ambulance.

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Non-emergency transport means a pre-arranged booking for ambulance services for a transfer to or from a hospital, nursing home, residence, or other place in order to receive medical treatment and is Clinically Necessary as authorised by an appropriate Health Professional see definition below.

The following definitions apply to all Ambulance Cover products unless specified otherwise: So what does Ambulance Cover now include? We will renew your membership, but will women seeking men lawton oklahoma craigslist the expiry date on your existing cover to one year from the date of renewal.

There is also variation in the reciprocal arrangements each state and territory applies.

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ACE coverage only covers non-emergency transfers, in line with your local coverage. Ambulance Cover Extras, a non-emergency cover may be all you need.

Why should I continue to have ambulance cover?

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We encourage all members with private health insurance to check the level of ambulance cover that it provides. Standard Ambulance Cover will continue to include all ambulance attendance within South Australia for permanent SA residents current qualifications still apply.

Your generous donation to SA Ambulance Service will assist us in many ways - from buying specialised equipment to broadening our training programs.

Ambulance Cover

If you have emergency cover with a private health fund, you may not require full Ambulance Cover with SA Ambulance Service. Note definition of SA Residents. If you have Ambulance Cover plus, it will cover you for all ambulance attendances Australia wide. We encourage all of our members who also have private health cover to review their policy to determine what level of Ambulance Cover best suits their needs.

The cost of ambulance services is not covered if you require ambulance transport while visiting interstate or overseas. A Health Professional is deemed as one of the following: The decision must consider whether the patient is able to travel by other means ie private vehicle, taxi, public transport, commercial airline etc.

Private Health insurance or travel insurance is recommended before undertaking any travel. I treat my Ambulance Cover membership as a donation to the organisation. This will be a phased approach commencing with renewals sent from 1 November.

South Australia, as with some other states and territories in Australia, operates a user-pays ambulance service. Why do other states not have to pay more for interstate cover?

Ambulance Cover Extras

Every bit counts when it comes to providing the best ambulance service in the country. This fee has been determined in order to offset the charges to SAAS by interstate ambulance services. Following the proposed removal of interstate coverage in April; an independent review of the scheme was undertaken in response to community concerns.

Many private health insurance schemes only cover you and your family for emergency ambulance services. If your private health offers you adequate coverage but you still want to support SAAS, you can make a tax deductible donation.

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If you have received a copy of the current terms and conditions along with your renewal, that is what you are covered for if you choose to renew your membership. The qualifying Period for Ambulance Cover commences on the day after the date of joining for emergency transports and two months after the date of joining for non-emergency transports.

It is recommended that cover is sought in the state of residence.

SA Ambulance Service > Products & Services > Ambulance Cover Extras

Am I covered interstate for non-emergency transport? Such authorisation is valid for a maximum period of one month, after which it must be renewed. It adds the same level of interstate coverage as your South Australian membership. Clinically Necessary is determined by an appropriate Health Professional and the primary reason for transport is medical need ie the patient requires either stretcher transport, clinical care or clinical supervision en route.

A tiered pricing system was identified as the most appropriate option to cater for members who need nationwide cover.