The Allison Moorer Interview: On New Music, Men and the Little Boy in Her Life | No Depression The Allison Moorer Interview: On New Music, Men and the Little Boy in Her Life | No Depression

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InMoorer released Down To Believing. Part of that was the way I made my living. I had fun doing that. I get to write songs and have an audience that wants to hear them.

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My main relationship had just ended and so had all the things that came with that. She almost got another big break by recording the duet "Picture" with Kid Rock after Sheryl Crow had bowed out.

And music-making is such a powerful experience that singers will put up with a lot just for the chance to keep doing it—a fact that the music industry knows how to exploit. That Texas songwriting is all around you if you grow up here.

Hayes Carll: Hitting the Road for the Sake of the Song

Souther and Ray Wylie Hubbard. To be a country singer, you have to have a butt. Maybe he should write and record an album of quieter, more thoughtful tracks. I was always drawn to literate writers. She sang harmonies with her sister for a while but returned to Alabama to earn a degree in public relations.

Moorer hook up culture bad all the songs, with the exception of one co-written with Earle.

But there had to be a way to hang on to those positives without getting killed by the negatives. Having a title like that gives you an anchor; it gives you a structure earlier than you usually have in writing a song. Wearing a blue-denim jacket over a gray shirt and sporting a modest light-brown beard, Carll speaks in a subdued voice, as if not relishing this rehash of his recent crises but determined not to duck any questions either.

For the spring and summer, he will tour as a trio with Mike Meadows on percussion and Geoff Queen on pedal steel and guitar; he may add bass and keys in the fall. He now says that both the divorce and the creative hiatus were caused—not entirely but in crucial ways—by the debilitating effects of life on the road.

The album marked a return to collaborating with Kenny Greenberg.

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Inthe only way to make a living in music as a full-time front person is to travel. With a slightly rougher edge than past efforts, The Duel was released in April But he was undeterred and kept working at it. Early years[ edit ] Moorer was raised in Monroeville, Alabamajust north of Mobile.

Unlike a lot of Texas songwriters, who sneer at such Nashville habits, Carll has never had a prejudice against co-writing. I have my strengths and weaknesses, and having someone with a different perspective helps a lot.

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He was gigging at age nine and making money—which made me rethink my own career. Because the ballad earned her an Academy Award nomination, [2] she performed it on the Oscars ceremony. And I think the time was right for us to do it.

When Lee Ann sang it, she changed the emphasis, and it came to life in a different way. Her album Show was recorded in one night two performances at the 12th and Porter in Nashville and despite popular belief, it features the first recorded collaboration by both Moorer sisters.

We got the life that we wanted, but not the love that we need. You look around, and all your friends have lives and families. Instead no recordings emerged for five and a half years, as he wrestled with a painful divorce, a 40th birthday and fundamental questions about what kind of artist he wanted to be.

What are you going to write about? I try to take better care of myself, so I can get up in the morning and feel good enough to read a book or write a little bit. Just being forced to articulate your ideas out loud is helpful.

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You need to sit down and be a folk singer. I used to have heart but the highway took it. All the other bells and whistles are fun, but with this album I wanted to get back to that intimate feel, that connection with the audience, rather than being a traveling party.

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I was gone nights a year for 10 years. There, she met Doyle "Butch" Primm, an Oklahoma-reared musician who soon became her husband and frequent songwriting partner.

I like walking off the stage knowing what I did and how the audience reacted and feeling good about it. It seems like a real trade that real people do.

Into the spaces where the stomping and joking once were comes a sobering awareness of the losses that shadow every life. Everyone expected a follow-up album of similarly witty, bouncy numbers within a year or a two.

The Quarterly Journal of Roots Music

She skipped the graduation ceremony to move back to Nashville. My first reaction was to snuff it out, and that made me very sad. Eventually we worked out this thing where we would talk over his shows like a peer review session. But I got what I wanted—a record with space, nuance and room to breathe.

We should write a song about that. I was burned out and had lost the joy of performing music. A lot of times I had to drink a bottle of whiskey just to get through the show. It felt right for my art. Moorer and Steve Earle in Standing alone with his acoustic guitar on the grassy bank between the Four Seasons Hotel and the Colorado River, the singer told a funny story about the journey from his childhood in the Houston suburbs to his first Grammy nomination.

However, none of her singles from Alabama Song or its follow-up The Hardest Part got much radio play, though both projects were highly praised by critics. I like that approach of creating these very specific characters and stories in the verses, but with the chorus saying something everyone can relate to.

I wanted to encourage him to not give up, because sometimes it seems like the whole world is trying to make you give up.