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All shook up musical length conversions, get ready to shake, rattle, and roll in this tribute to the king!

Choreographed by Ken Roberson. As the heartbroken Jim slinks off, Ed enters, and after a short argument, Sandra agrees to leave Ed with Chad.

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Chad is excited, and he immediately asks Ed to be his new sidekick. Chad inquires about excitement in the wappy flirt oliver heldens twitter, and soon discovers the Mamie Eisenhower Decency Act, outlawing "Loud music, public necking, and tight pants.

In another part of the fairgrounds, Mayor Matilda enters, followed, as always, by the silent Sheriff All shook up musical length conversions, and she vows to bring the roustabout down "Devil In Disguise".

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He volunteers to take a Shakespearean sonnet to her. Chad interrupts the wedding and declares his love for Natalie, though Natalie decides to not marry him and hit the open road.

All Shook Up

This town proves quite progressive for Chad asks Dennis to become his sidekick and Dennis accepts. After Chad exits, Natalie, in an attempt to look more attractive to Chad, puts on the only dress she owns—a tattered old one she uses to clean car engines.

She rushes off in pursuit of Chad. However, after some persuasion, Natalie agrees to make Chad her sidekick. It aspires to create art from garbage, but produces only exquisitely painted trash.

Count on conventional jukebox musical illogic to bring all this together. Set design by David Rockwell. But, in its way, All Shook Up is worse: But Natalie insists that Chad is the only guy for her. Production history[ edit ] The musical had a developmental staging at the Goodspeed Musicals May June 6,with most of the Broadway cast, except for Manley Pope in the lead role of Chad.

Dance music arrangements by Zane Mark. But such grins never translate into either laughter or pleasure; that would require real jokes and something - anything - happening onstage that can emotionally involve the viewer.

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Christopher Ashley directed, with choreography by Jody Moccia. However, in the case of All Shook Up, which just opened at the Palace, the title is less apropos to its subject matter of a Midwest town being introduced to rock music than to San Francisco following the earthquake.

Lighting design by Donald Holder. Book by Joe DiPietro.

Sound design by Brian Ronan. Ed tells Chad that in order to avoid jail, he should hide in the abandoned fairgrounds just outside town.

But before Dennis leaves, a leather-jacketed roustabout rides into town "Blue Suede Shoes". Earl speaks for the first time and professes his love for Matilda. Costume design by David C.

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A heartbroken Jim wanders about and runs into Sylvia, who is wearing her best Sunday dress. In another part of the grounds, Dean and Lorraine plan to catch the morning train out of town, but Chad convinces them to stay and fight for their love "If I Can Dream".

All ages will be admitted.

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But Sylvia interrupts, and Dean rushes out. Associate director Daniel Goldstein.

Chad confesses that it was actually the character of Ed he liked, not Natalie, so he leaves the town. The flagrant misuse of to begin with performers as gifted as Alix Korey, Sharon Wilkins, and Leah Hocking, and of set designer David Rockwell, is alone enough to make you want to weep at the present state of Broadway musicals.

Chad runs off, and Ed runs off after him.

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The musical had a tryout in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace from December 19,through January 23, After a short argument between Dennis and an out-of-character Ed, Dennis agrees. Jim gives Sylvia a very surprising kiss, and a stunned Sylvia suddenly falls for him.

The songs have no real connection to the surrounding story.