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All shook up glenn c altschuler review times, kirkus review

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This quote is a good way to demonstrate how people were not ready for change. I was very impressed with the information presented and as someone who knew nothing about the history of rock when I started I was pleased with how much I learned. It is another item on the list that made the s such a significant decade.

All Shook Up: How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America

It is definitely worth reading as a spring board to explore further specific subjects on racial equality, censorship and the rise of corporations within the American dream. Rock and roll ignited a fire of controversy for America and created many different opinions.

Think back to being 13; how would you feel if you found out dad was dressing up as Elvis?! In addition, being so readable and understandable, the book features a lot of examples of great musicians of that time.

Besides, this book will be appreciated by the history classes and the music classes. Rock and roll was started a rebellion in teens and most of these actions were blamed on African When Glenn C.

January 1, Brian OG reading this for a music history class.

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At this time kids were taught through religion not to have sex until after they were married and were told by their parents and through popular magazines the rules for dating. A campaign was started to clean up the filthy lyrics.

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Altschuler tells in this section about parents and elders not understanding the teenagers of the time and why they wanted to listen to this music. Another good example of his writing style is: A bit predictable, but The way the author writes is fascinating and it makes me want to continue reading.

Suburban construction changed the demographics of cities. Parents and elders did not understand the teenagers why they wanted to listen to that music.

How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America

The author has good chapter starters and starts them with entertaining sayings or, in this case, song lyrics. Put on those old 45s and curl up for an enlightening and eminently readable story.

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He is the author of several books on American history and popular culture, including Changing Channels: These records threatened to damage the reputation and possibly livelihood of the original rhythm and blues.

His is a finely tuned, perfectly pitched appreciation of the rhythms of a music that became not only a soundtrack but a heartbeat to American life. It leaves a few places hanging such as what happens to Elvis after he joins the army but mostly it covers everything in the right amount of detail.

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Altschuler discusses how this angered members of the American Federation of Musicians because they were not allowed to appear on radio or television or allow disc jockeys to use tapes or transcriptions of them without compensation.

It explores how both society influenced the music, and how music influenced society, as presented in the clear split between the Pat Boone-Frank Sinatra followers, and disruptive, raucous, loud music and fans of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and The Comets, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry among others, and how it changed the face of American society forever.

January 1, Monica This is quite a good look at the early history of rock and roll and in particular, reactions to it. At this time, there were many important events that were going on, including Brown v.

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Rock and roll was started a rebellion in teens and most of these actions were blamed on African Americans. It looks at rocks early years through the "day the music died".

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America in TV Guide. At that time African Americans were also making attempts to get the civil rights. January 1, Nathan Miller This book gave a brief but interesting insight into the different aspects of American culture that Rock n Roll had a lasting affect on. It started during the civil rights movement and invented the term "race music".

An Anecdotal History Share: The fact that rock and roll coincided with the civil rights movement was interestingly put.

All Shook Up: How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler

It was a pretty good read for a school book. However, this did not happen in the s. I especially enjoyed reading the lesser-known tidbits scattered throughout the original lyrics to Tutti Frutti were rather shocking!

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All Shook Up is a social history that uses primary sources such as newspapers and magazines of the time period, as well as other books on the subject matter to argue its main points. This argument caused a lack of confidence in these records and slowly, they started to falter.

Parents, media, the music industry, non-rock musicians, politicians, etc. I really liked All Shook Up: Other artists were criticized for the lyrics in their songs that were often suggestive towards sexuality.