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All shook up glenn altschuler essay outline, also available as:

How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America

Altschuler surpasses the admittedly sparsely populated field in the nuanced way he places the music within the conflicts--racial, sexual, commercial, and political--that it variously helped to encourage, exacerbate, and occasionally ameliorate.

Besides, we may say that the book divides the era into things really important within that period of time. The Beatles took a lot from the record of Buddy Holly.

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Besides, this music was considered to promote integration. Glenn Altschuler manages to weave the stories of musicians and record producers, cultural critics and legislators, psychologists and sociologists, businessmen and teenaged consumers into a lively, astute narrative of cultural change.

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He is not a flashy writer, but so much the better for his storytelling, which shows intelligence and narrative discipline Altschuler Pivotal Moments in American History Reviews and Awards "One of the first to do rock-and-roll the significant service of locating it within the cultural and political maelstrom it helped to create.

Altschuler wrote a rather interesting book with the strange name All Shook Up: It is also important to mention that the pictures in the book illustrate the main points of the book.

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Furthermore, students will enjoy reading about the famous artists and the conflicts of that period of time. Besides, this book will be appreciated by the history classes and the music classes.


Parents and elders did not understand the teenagers why they wanted to listen to that music. He is the author of several books on American history and popular culture, including Changing Channels: America in TV Guide.

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Altschuler does so with a good ear for the music and a deft hand, making this account a pleasure to read and ponder. Put on those old 45s and curl up for an enlightening and eminently readable story.

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As a result, people wanted to forbid the rock shows to come to their regions, hoping that it might prevent the chaos usually accompanying all the time — before, during, and after the shows. An Anecdotal History Share: Altschuler tells a story of liberation and fear, of inspiration and exploitation, of repeated attempts to homogenize a form of cultural expression that sprang from somewhere so authentic in Western youth culture that it proved bigger and more powerful than any combination of its myriad opponents.

In addition, being so readable and understandable, the book features a lot of examples of great musicians of that time. At that time African Americans were also making attempts to get the civil rights.

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Brandishing the chops of a loving fan and a scrupulous historian, Altschuler nimbly tracks the rock-propelled revolutions in manners and morality that first rumbled forth from the s, a decade that seems ever more the epoch of Elvis not Eisenhower.

In addition, neither parents nor the community members could understand why the American youth were so crazy about this music. Hence, Altschuler uses the analysis of the original sources along with a narrative format and he explains the way this music affected and changed the US.

His is a finely tuned, perfectly pitched appreciation of the rhythms of a music that became not only a soundtrack but a heartbeat to American life.