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A small you-never-heard-of-it town somewhere in the Midwest Characters: These characters became real people with the same flaws, insecurities, and quirks as you and me. Friday, February 21st at 7pm Saturday, February 22nd at 7pm Sunday, February 23rd at 4pm Rehearsals will commence on October 6th and take place from 5pm-9pm almost every Sunday evening until tech week.

There were definitely some moments between the two that made me smile, as they bonded over classic music, movies, TV shows, and more.

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The ensemble is an integral part of this show and appears on stage in the majority of the scenes. With the blessing of her adoptive parents, Natalie starts a search for her birth mom after running across a photo of a woman in a box of donated items at the thrift store where she works.

But as I continued reading, I realized there were reasons for this and I began to appreciate how the author revealed the information about each of them bit by bit.

Alto High Alto Mid. There are several small speaking roles which will be cast out of the ensemble. It was not just a light read, as the cover and blurb might suggest to some. However, I cannot imagine the story without these moments.

Although there will be multiple run-throughs of the entire production prior to Tech Week, Tech Week rehearsal dates are: And once they began dropping references to classic music, movies, and TV shows, they definitely won me over.

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This book pushed almost every emotional button inside of me and I am still not quite over it. Please review these documents in preparation for your audition. I became invested in the lives of these characters and their story. But on the flipside of that, there were also moments that made me sad or touched on other emotions that I definitely was not expecting when I started this book.

See a Problem?

Yes, there are quite a few fun moments and a lot of witty banter but there are a few heavy, emotional moments and topics dealt with as well. Huge range Low F—High G: A man of not many words.

Anyway… All Shook Up is a quick read with plenty of moments to make you smile and quite possibly even laugh, and a few that might make you shed a tear or two.

The following documents contain the audition sides for each character and a copy of the complete script for the production.

As the two spend time together they quickly bond and form quite the flirty and fun friendship.

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Joining her on this search is Casey, a local firefighter who donated the box after finding it in the basement his newly-purchased house. They added a nice balance to the story making the characters more real. Weekly rehearsals will take place at the Delta Enrichment Center.

The story would definitely not be the same and I probably would not have enjoyed reading it as much as I did.

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Belt - Alto to Soprano the brassy, sensual barfly who is thrilled when the newcomer arrives in town. He has grown up at a military boarding school. We are planning for a large ensemble of both singers and dancers. This rehearsal format also allows for cast members to participate in more than one production at the same time, by coordinating the rehearsal schedules.

All Shook Up surprised me with the multitude of emotions it was able to make me feel.

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