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Aliner camper battery hook up, adventures of a pop up camping princess

Extension cord plug protector. When we told a relative about all the amenities in our new Aliner, aliner camper battery hook up laughingly said all it lacked was a crystal chandelier.

This just happens to be what works best for us… and it was fairly inexpensive, which also works for us. Then the cord runs along the shelf over the AC and down to the outlet. But how and where to install one?

After an unexpected flat on our tow vehicle and few other unexpected delays, we finally hit the campground at 8pm. Since I want the inverter about 12 feet from the battery, I need to use 4 gauge wire the lower the number, the larger the wire. I just recently opened a can of Herculiner for another project, then looked over at the pop-up So, in case you are just like me, I decided to share what I learned here with you!

I think it has a charge line. I had to buy an ice chest and use my headlamp which was fine but something is not right. How about, when traveling down the road with my fridge on? I eventually had to cover all of the painted frame members and the outside of the tongue on that Aliner with diamond plate.

Running the wire was the hardest part. This was the case throughout the trip. How would I find out? The battery is new.

Ring terminals were from a car audio supplier. It is best to start a different when you have a different question. Forrest uses a CPAP breathing machine at night, so we knew that when we camped without utilities we would need to run a v appliance off the 12v battery. They have nothing to do with charging baltimore nsa hookups battery.

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No lights, no water pump, and no heater. She turns off and turns on the 12V when we are on trips.

Aliner/Modifications/Battery Monitor

It is helpful to include the year and model of your Aliner in your signature or message so we can better help you. If the temps are moderate, I will run it on v ac. I switched it over to 12v while on the road and all was good when I arrived--lights worked and fridge was cool so the battery was charging.

Well, as I think about it, since I swapped out PUPs this year, the bigger unit has a controller board, which obviously needs 12v to run, but not to power the cooling, is specifically what I mean. The fan makes little noise, so I used an LED switch for my on-off control. It has nothing to do with charging the battery.

Each year and model are different in many ways. If you do more boondocking than we do, there may be a better system for your needs.

The battery will read around I ran a fused wire from the battery under the dinette seat, through the wiring hole in the fridge cabinet, and up the other side.

As a former Aliner owner, I posted a reply there. It now covers the brackets that hold my battery box, the wheel wells plastic, and not that I think it would protect them much in the case of a blow-out, but helps with some sealing issuesand a couple of other high-risk areas.

That frees up space in the battery cabinet and means one less access point for "critters". I now charge the battery with a separate battery charger.

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Pop Up Camper Battery Maintenance April 1, One of the first things we did when we bought our pop up camper, was buy a battery. Understanding the care of feeding and maintaining your battery will help you receive maximum benefit from your Aliner power system.

What are amp hours?

Just to be clear, I have a 3 way fridge with the 12V, buttons switches actually inside the reefer vent cover along with the propane igniter. Snagging electrical wires around those small spaces is not easy! The fridge will drain a battery pretty fast, even with the so-called "charge line" coming from the tow vehicle.

A few small holes drilled in the bottom provide drainage for any water that gets into the box. I felt pretty confident with our system. This is the quickest way to cool down a fridge too. It measures the charge into and out of the battery by measuring the voltage drop across an accurate amp shunt.

Taking that as a sign, I brought it home and rewired it for the camper. Also, if you went down a dusty road without the fridge running on propane, you needed an air compressor and a lot of time to clean out the burner before it would work again.

At home, we leave the camper pluged into an extension cord from household current. Personally, I pre-chill it at home using v, switch to LP for the drive, and if it is quite hot at the destination, I will stay on LP, as it cools most efficiently.

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We were frustrated with the lack of electrical outlets in the dinette area; the only outlet on that side of the camper was in front of the sink. We carry a long piece of weatherproof cable to connect to the campground outlet.

Pop Up Camper Battery Maintenance

Lesson learned, always have the fridge on propane when towing off of the pavement. My DW dear wife has that job. These batteries require a little bit of maintenance, but they are much cheaper than their maintenance-free counterparts.