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I was initially quite disappointed as it was nothing I imagined it to be and it took me a full day test to figure out I like it as is. Acca Kappa is a very reliable company to trust. The musk is a lovely whisper at dry-down.

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Sadly this lasts a long time, maybe 30 min - hourish. My only problem with this perfume is that my sons love it as much as I do!

If you do not test it, you would not know sxyluv30 xmeeting dating you are missing. It smells expensive and niche, and thankfully Acca Kappa has reasonable prices.

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So I wore it a second time to the office. Although it is not a girly-girl scent, it is still feminine and soft, and it is the ideal clean skin scent. It is not all natural but appears so with high quality ingredients blended as they were meant to be together.

Nov vbjanos Blind buy for me. Although the longevity is excellent, this never overpowers and actually has a very calming effect on me. I usually find soapy, clean and musky scents mediocre, but this particular scent takes those three qualities to new heights.

Not too musky at the end. A nice change compared to those overly done perfumes. I read somewhere that acca kappas are really designed to be subtle. Natural seems to be the trend with Acca Kappa.

There is not even a hint of any dark, bitter nor murky note. To think that I moisturized and even used petroleum jelly to up its longevity.

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The longevity is really impressive for such a light scent, lasting for around 6 hours. First spray reminded me of soap. Aug VeronicaRoy Beautiful clean pure deep scent. Based on this I would say it does not layer well, at least not on me. As I read from other members, they always advise for newbies to give the scent a chance to develop.

I would highly recommend this to anybody looking for a clean, fresh scent! Their products are cosmetic care, aromas are superlative.

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It has a powdery and crisp laundry smell, however this is surprisingly quite natural and less chemical than you may originally think it to be. Understandably, since this is a fantastic frag!

My patients tell me all the time that I always smell so good, but never ask what perfume I am wearing.

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It was nice and I grew to like it that second time. This time, however, it lasted only 3 hours. It does smell clean I guess. Nov Chris v. Poor longevity and sillage, still that clean and fresh scent lingering through your body for a couple of hours is really something to think about.

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I find the opening smells like artificial, slightly soapy lemon. I recommend it without doubt. It is NOT a girly girl scent, but rather extremely fresh and aromatic.

It lasted 4 hours on my skin and I had to refresh by mid-day. The white packaging and name are justified. Mar porcelain ninja I seriously do NOT smell anything.

White Moss Acca Kappa perfume - a fragrance for women and men

Anyway, I really like this fragrance, but only the dry down. One of the best! It smells a little bit like a cleaner, lighter TOVA- the original one- which is impossible to get now. Dec ladybug This is just lovely. Still I felt that there was something missing, although I was beginning to like it.

This is such a lovely crisp scent!

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Exclusive use improves both longevity and complexity. The juniper is fresh and not boozy at all, the lavender and moss are clean and airy.

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Muschio Bianco or White Moss is beautifully androgynous and personally, I describe this scent as simply divine. I learned later on that it was a unisex fragrance.

I work in health care, and when I wear this scent I have people asking if they can smell me!