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He returns to the office and scolds the employee for not coming to him sooner. She requests a ride instead of a new computer because she has a tight dress on and strangers are looking at her.

Episode 17 - Heroes The scene starts off with the guys reminiscing about the World Cup. He admits that he thought he might be able to time his arrival with her taking a shower, and she draws back at his creepiness.

The four guys run away from the room. They argue about who is the best, with Jung-rok interrupting the conversation several times saying that Taekwon V is the best.

Shortly after, Jung-rok spanish girls dating a call from his cafe and Do-jin tells him to answer as it would be ridiculous to go out of business while playing games.

The 4 decide to make a show of it, and get out of the car pretending to have neck injuries. Three women come out, wearing expensive jewelry.

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Do-jin answers that he is. Taeyeon began a solo career in with her first extended play album, I. Do Jin kind of saves the day by saying that Yi Soo has a couple of men around, like the guy he saw at her house the other day.

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Choi Sooyoung is my number one ultimate bias! Yoon stares at them all and mumbles his disapproval of their silliness. Why did she never confess?

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A co-worker joins Yi Soo at lunch and somehow pulls her into going on a hiking trip. Sooyoung is a nice person. Yi Soo is taken a gentlemans dignity sooyoung dating by this information. Honestly speaking and disregarding the fact that she is my ultimate bias, i think she can act better than Yoona or Suzy she just havent received her big break.

The same year, Taeyeon worked with Korean songwritercomposer Ahn Youngmin on her musical projects.

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But when he enters, he sees Yoon, who stammers that he came for something he left behind. The process did not go smoothly, but they do end up quitting smoking.

I really hope to see her in more movies. And Im a SooRi fan, lol.

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When the women go to the bathroom, the men talk about how they hate it when women wear revealing clothing and other guys look at them. Except him, he only has Do-jin, Jung-rok and Yoon He offers to fix it and reboots the computer. Me Ahri shoots her a look and reluctantly goes inside to change.

How she dances, sings and act as well.

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I think ive read that somewhere but not really sure. Colin has made appearances in other episodes, but nothing has really been done with his character yet. He snoops around until he finds a picture of a bikini-clad Yi Soo.

However, when in front of their teacher, Jung-rok admits it, but Tae-san, Yoon and Do-jin all point to Jung-rok saying he did it. He rear-ends the car in front and Yi Soo looks up to see a fuming Do Jin staring right at her.

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The young man asks if they are okay. Scenes show each of them breaking up with their girlfriends, and whenever one does, the other three will be saying, "Hey! So Do-Jin takes Yisoo with him girl, why are you getting into a car with a man who just intentionally smashed his fender in a fit of temper?

Episode 10 - Im Yo-hwan is at the cafe! He smiles to himself as he goes computer shopping and runs into Jung Rok, whose laptop froze yet again because of his secretly downloaded adult movies.

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Do Jin rips up their contract and calls him a low-life rat that other architects will refuse to work with. While at a club, the four guys spot a pretty young woman and through a waiter book her for their room.

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I wish he is really affectionate. Do-jin even leaves the shop forgetting to change out of his slippers.

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He gets lost in old memories and he recalls her kindergarten uniform and when she first tried on high heels. Yoon and Tae-san mock him, saying how can a guy care so much about his looks.

Episode 20 The scene shows how the men first met in high school. As they finish up their calls, the young man also makes a call. Do Jin arrives at the club and sees Yi Soo conversing with someone in the car in front of him. She acknowledges his honesty and asks him to come over tonight; Yi Soo will be out of the house.

Flashback to the four guys in high school, when they apparently get caught for watching adult movies, and the discipline master wants to meet their parents.

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Do Jin hangs up after calling him a sucky lawyer and cringes at his lost money. Her performance in the soldout shows received good press despite the musicals critical reviews.

It was only for 30 seconds, and it caused one of the silliest scenes ever, but it was good to see her adorable smiling face in the show.

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The guys all grab their own phones and pretend to be calling a variety of people.