DirecTV SWM 8 Multiswitch Frequently Asked Questions DirecTV SWM 8 Multiswitch Frequently Asked Questions

4 ports on a 3 lnb what order do they hook up, dual-band lnbs

To try to keep it into layman terms the signal is sent from the satellite transmitter in either a horizontal beam or a vertical beam. Remove the aluminum foil from the outer 2 eyes that you placed on there earlier.

Dish Network LNB

The LNBs at the dish have a corresponding horizontal or vertical "filter" to match. Often by altering this voltage it is possible to change the polarisation or, less commonly, the frequency band. Go ahead and take the skew angle and set your mount up to correspond with it.

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To expand channel capacity, DirecTV also has satellites at two additional locations. Using polarity lockers power inserters and amplifiers, you can run a signal for hundreds of feet beyond the dish. All content is Copyright Any non linearity problem with the high power satellite is de chat success dating de 100% clearly visible.

Slimline Dish Installation using an SL3 LNB (4 out - AT&T Community

Voltages are normally 13 volts or 19 volts. Yes, with a caveat. At the receiver, the optical signal is converted back to the traditional electrical signal to "appear" to the receiver regname dating a conventional LNB.

This voltage is not only used to select polarization, but is also used to power the tiny amplifiers in the LNBs. Each of these flex ports can used to receive signal from either the How close do the receivers have to be to the SWM?

Very peculiar effects can occur if there poor connections amongst multiple cables to say an LNB and to a transmit BUC module as the go and return DC supplies may become mixed up and the wrong voltage applied across the various items.

It will then only give 1 specific bird from each port.

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The SWM has an input for an off-air antenna. The easiest option is to find an old dp must be pro because pro series has a higher power output than legacy series receiver and connect it to the lnb. Now in the interest of completeness, the other issue that comes up is the hook up of the over the air OTA antenna.

Use one of the online sat calculators to find the exact coordinates based on where you live. Note when using a HD multiswitch there are the four cables from the HD dish.

Dual polarisation LNBs

How close does the SWM have to be to the dish? Such stray currents and induced RF fields from nearby transmitters and cell phones may interfere with the wanted signals inside the cables.

These cables may also connect to HD receivers and work, but I have not tried that connection. Since DirecTV and Dish network use different frequencies at andthere is no interference between the two.

Installation I will say up front, if this is your first dish install, you may be ready to throw it away before you are done.

Sometimes spotbeams are used and the default tp may not be available in your area.

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This thread pertains to the 3 LNB satellite systems. As I said before, being plumb is critical for good reception with this dish. By now, you should see a big difference.

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What this means is that some attention has been paid in the design to keeping the phase noise down so as to facilitate the reception of digital TV carriers. If your think there are errors in the above advice please suggest new text paragraphs and send to me by email.

On the C-band system there was a separate wire for the polarization of the LNBs and it was included in the cable that also ran the servo for pointing the dish to different satellites.

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This is not always obvious. If not, you need to loosen the skew bolts skew only and slowly move the skew slightly to get the signal peaked out. You can snug this one down for now as you will be adjusting it last.

There is only 1 problem here How many receivers can I connect with a SWM system? However, to use both tuners on a TiVo, you must have lines run from two of the legacy ports into Sat 1 and Sat 2 of the TiVo.

The electrical connections at the antennas between the LNB and the BUC chassis are often indeterminate and depend of screws in waveguide flanges etc.

Low-noise block downconverter

If at any time while completing the settings in the menu it should ask about saving, tell it yes. Another thing is that by default, the tp freq for will always change from that we set it up for. The adjustment you got for your azimuth will be used for this.

Eagle Aspen 3x8 The Eagle Aspen 3x8 Switch seen right has the same 3 inputs as the Terk 3x4 switch, but also has an optional power supply port.

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The first DirecTV multi-sat dish is shown right. The switch will expand the two cable connection ability of a two-port LNB to four, or more ports. You should still be in the menu, so we are going to change the satellite toand change the settings to the same as used for except that we need tp freq to be and diseqc to be changed to port 2.

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Please be careful with your selection of diplexers—not all work properly with a SWM. As of this writing, weaKnees also carries the amplifiers needed to run long distances.

All four cables are required for HD operation because with HD in addition to the polarization voltages, there is a High and Low band select required. With any multi-dish, they can be tricky to properly setup.

Satellites were located at Dish Network also has satellites at and Alternately, some multiswitches have a connection for the OTA antenna connection so that the antenna RF which is at a different frequency than the satellite can be sent through the satellite cables that feed the receivers.

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The approx number of milliamps will be given by the manufacturer. This provides both good image reject response for the receive function but also protects the LNB from spurious energy from the transmitter, which may destroy the LNB.

You must then use a special splitter, called a diplexer, to separate the two frequencies before connecting the output to a receiver. See the image above. How to test an LNB: Remember that the centre pin of the F connector plug should stick out about 2mm, proud of the surrounding threaded ring.

A Unicable LNB has one output connector but operates in a different way to standard LNBs so it can feed multiple tuners daisy-chained along a single coax cable.